Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Ok. Here is my small lot of Inglot cosmetics. I don't want to tell you the hole story about this trademark, I only say that it is polish brand and it is more then 25 years old. I have discovered it by chance. I was contacted by the manager of the dublin store and was offered a professional discount. So as I've never heard about this brand before I did a small research and what do you think...? All the feedbacks were so positive and the swatches so nice that I couldn't sit at home. So you see the result of my visit to the store. First of all I want to say that the store is amazing---good light!!!, lovly girls and colors, colors, colors!

Here is 2 lip paints in 58 and 61 shades. I am totally in love with them. I know that almost everyone is crazy about OCC lip tars (and I have 7 myself and will make swatches later on), but I like those paints even more then OCC. They are very comfortable on the lips, colors are amazing and the intensity could be varied. The 61 one shade is rich coral but it is not really bright. It is calm and I'd say some kind of an autumn color. And the 58 is real plum. You can make it bright and dark or you can just put a small amount to add some glow and tone to the lips.

Price 12.50 euro.

Eyeshadows. I've made my own palette of 10 shades, but they also available in 5 and 3 (the shadows are round). They are very highpigmented, well blended and just amazing. There are lots of different colors. The palette cost me 36 euro. So it is really good quality and price. I would compare it to MAC. Lets take that green shadow that is very similar to MAC Bitter e/s. As with MAC you have to make so many afforts to get the color as it is in a box, with Inglot you'll get the same color just with one touch.

I also bought a brush--small shader eyeshadow brush. And it is fabulous. And costs only 4 euro :-)

So I am totally in love with this cosmetics and would buy more, more and more.


  1. could you please tell me the number of the yellow and browon on top?

  2. I love the eyeshadows! Do you know which numbers these are? Thank you!

  3. i'm in love with inglot ,can u tell me what is the no of the green one is amazing