Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My OPI collection

Ok. I'd like to start from the review of my OPI collection.
I am in love with these nailpolishes. They have so many colors! And what is most they stay on your nails for ages without any chips and cracks.
So, here we go... from left to right

Bronzed to perfection; golden rules; cosmo-not tonight honey; tickle my france; you're a doll; suzi & the lifeguard; princesses rule; kreme de la kremlin; baguette me not; conga-line coral; I'm fondue of you; royal rajan ruby; yes...I can-can; midnight in Moscow; Eiffel fot this color; Have you seen my Limo?; Siberian nights; Louvre me Louvre me not; Overexposed in South Beach; Miami Beet; flashbulb fuchsia; feelin'hot-hot-hot; party in my cabana; OPI in Collins Ave; pretty at the premiere; Smalls: don't toy with me;little red wagon; glamour game; brand new skates.

If you'd like any swatches don't hesitate to contact me :-)

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